Hello Roaring Camp family and friends!  I know many of you bought bags or signed up for our Dirt of the Month Club and I would like to thank you!  I hope you all had fun and found some gold! With the holidays upon us I would like to offer you a special offer. Remember these make fabulous gifts.  If you buy a bag before December 25th I will give you $5.00 off per bag with no limit on how many you can buy between now and then. Also for those of you that would rather sign up for a membership I will give you one month’s free shipping, that’s a $13.45 savings in addition to your club savings.  Remember we will be offering this special from now until December 25th.  You can email or call us anytime to get started.  I hope to hear from you soon, let us know if you have any questions.

1 bag $50.00 Tax $4.00 Shipping $13.45= $67.45

3 Month Club $140.00 Tax $11.20 Shipping $40.35= $191.55-$10.00 savings

6 Month Club $275.00 Tax $22.00 Shipping $80.70= $377.70-$25.00 savings

12 Month Club $550.00 Tax $44.00 Shipping $161.49= $755.40-$50.00 savings

          *these prices do not include the holiday discount

                                                            IMG_0435                                                                   margie perry domc