Elton’s Big Load of Pay Dirt! 2 yards


2 cubic yards of gold bearing pay dirt. Screened down to -2.5 inches. Delivery is free within a 60 mi radius of Jackson Ca. $50 per 50 miles delivery charge after that. Pay Dirt is guaranteed to contain gold.


Elton’s Big Load of Pay Dirt

Our Founder Elton would always tell us stories about the big vault of Roaring Camp Mining Company. “The Dirt”

He was also a big believer in buying in bulk to save money. Well we have heard your many requests and in addition to opening that big vault to our Dirt of the Month Club members, we are providing you with the way to enjoy that Roaring Camp Mining Company Pay Dirt in a much bigger way.

We have spent literally a season moving over 40 feet of over burden to get down to the pay dirt level on the tertiary river bed in camp. Screened that pay down to -2.5 inches and piled it up ready for you, your family, or club to process. The Gold we are finding is great!

We currently deliver in 2 cubic yard or 4 cubic yard deliveries for free if you are in a 60 mile radius of Jackson, Ca. Delivery past that 60 miles radius is $50 per 50 miles.

This is perfect for a club looking to put on a common operation event or a person looking for material to run at home.


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