With the holidays quickly approaching, you are likely assembling lists of who you must buy for and what types of gifts each of those individuals who most like.  If there are campers on your list, you may want to consider one (or more) of the following items.

  1. Cot Have you ever tried sleeping on the ground, in a tent?  It is not the most comfortable set-up.  A nice, light-weight folding cot can be a great option for those who frequently camp and would appreciate a little added padding between them and the ground.
  2. Smoker A grill is great, but a smoker can be even better at the campground. Just imagine the delicious meals that could be made.
  3. Inflatable Lanterns This is a relatively new item on the market, but a brilliant form of light, perfect for the light packers who enjoy hiking and camping.
  4. Cooler Everyone has got to keep those drinks cold (and the food as well) while camping, so a cooler will be appreciated.
  5. Campfire Coffee Pot For the coffee lovers who also enjoy campgrounds.
  6. Flashlight or Spotlight Handy in so many ways after dark.
  7. Folding Table There are a bunch of different small, lightweight folding tables on the market now, which would be perfect for serving food or holding drinks while camping.
  8. Swiss Army Knife The benefits of having this along are obvious.
  9. Camping Chairs Because they are so much more comfortable then pulling up a log.
  10. Backpack Particularly for those who also enjoy hiking or gold prospecting, backpacks are really essential.
  11. Board Games The weather doesn’t always cooperate, and it’s always nice to have a fun way to kill time.
  12. Stay-Cold Water Thermos Drink technology is wonderful today. Many of these thermoses can keep drinks cold for the entire day.
  13. Sleeping Bag Camping is fun, even in the cooler nights of fall.
  14. FitBit These little health monitors are great fun, especially when staying busy at a campground.
  15. Walking Stick Traveling the hiking trails is so much easier with a walking stick in hand.
  16. Axe The fire is one of the greatest parts of camping, which means that he or she will need to break up bulky firewood.