In the last blog post, we spoke a bit about the tools that a gold panning beginner would need to give the task a try.  Gold panning is a great deal of fun and provides an excellent opportunity to escape the stresses of every day life.  However, for those who want to expand their gold prospecting operation, it might be worth looking into a power sluice.

These tools are also known as hi-bankers. With the use of a pump, the device can push water through a sluice box.  Recall that a traditional sluice box relies on the natural flow of a river to drive water through it, where it captures the heavy gold.  When you want to use a sluice box, but the water flow isn’t ideal or it is preferable to work away from the riverbank, a power sluice is a great option.

These advanced gold prospecting tools allow the user to shovel gold bearing gravel into a hopper box, which separates out the large stones and debris, while pushing the smaller particles through, into the path of the water.  Many power sluices will just keep recycling water, so it can continue to push gravel into the sluice box.  The dirt and small stones are pushed on through, while the gold falls into the box and is collected there.

The pumps on these systems are either electric or gas powered.  The area of application should be carefully considered before purchasing, so it can be determined which engine model is preferable.

The concept, after all, is to bring the power sluice to the area where gold deposits are expected, rather than carrying large buckets full of material to the traditional sluice.

At Roaring Camp Gold, you will have the opportunity to see sluices in action, so you can get a feel for them before investing in your own.  This is a wonderful chance to try your hand at an activity that millions have come to love.