The Volcano Ledger was a regional newspaper from 1855-1857. A lot of papers sprang up and shut down like that because the area used to be inaccessible before cars. Prospecting communities sprang up and dried out from lack of supplies almost as quickly. One traveler described the Mokelumne River Canyon in the pages of the Volcano Ledger this way: “The most beautiful landscape ever witnessed was there spread out to our enraptured view. Who could look upon that scene and not be reminded of Nature’s God?”

We’ve had some pretty complimentary Yelp and Google reviews, but we still think the Volcano Ledger’s the best testimonial we’ve had.

It’s time to enjoy the last days that remain in summer, to set down work and projects, and find some time to relax and create cherished memories with your loved ones. Where’s a better place to do that than “the most beautiful landscape ever witnessed?”

At Roaring Camp Mining Company, we pride ourselves on being a destination for gold seekers, hikers, and families alike. With daily guided tours through the gold mine territory and down into the canyon, we’ll show you tools from the 1800s through today, as well as the techniques that prospectors have used. You can see our gold mine in operation and, if you want to get really serious, we even have classes in mining instruction. You can pan, sluice, dredge, and dry wash for gold yourself, we’ll give you and your loved ones a hand mastering the techniques, and you get to keep whatever you find (plenty of visitors have found gold here).

If you prefer relaxation, there’s no better place in all California to rest, relax, fish, swim, hike, or bird. Many of these trails are the same as were used when prospectors first established rough communities in what was once a nearly-inaccessible valley. The valley still preserves that beauty, that connection with nature. Come enjoy it before summer’s over. We’re open through September, so don’t delay. Call us at 209-296-4100 or message us to book before spaces are filled up for the year.