At roaring camp gold, we get campers with all different levels of experience.  Yet, the one thing that we have noticed more and more campers bringing along is the trusty lighter.  While we don’t begrudge you your modern tools, we do encourage you to try building a fire like the first gold prospectors, at least once during your visit to Roaring Camp Gold.  There are a few reasons why we make this recommendation.

It’s a Part of the Experience Remember, you are coming to this camp because you want to dig for gold.  Those who came before you paved the way to create a better understanding of this process, yet many of the techniques used are the very same as those used by the men and women who broke ground, traveling across this country during the gold rush.  There is a strong connection to the days of old when staying at Roaring Camp Gold, and building your own fire, from scratch is just part of the adventure.

It Provides a Great Sense of Accomplishment Sure, it is much easier to get the blaze going when using a lighter and a bit of Fire Starter, but let’s face it, there is very little price that comes with doing so.  If you can manage to capture that first spark in a bed of kindling, and watch that grow into a real fire, you will feel accomplished.

It’s a Great Educational Opportunity for Kids Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to describe a practice from the past.  Kids will enjoy the process – maybe even more than you do – and you will feel good for having taught them something new.

The best part of building your very own fire is that you can work together to keep the blaze alive throughout the night.  You can tell your stories and share your fire-cooked treats, and know that it was all made possible by your own hand.