Camping is a wonderful family activity and will create experiences that your kids will remember throughout their lifetimes.  However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t come prepared to provide a bit of entertainment, should they run short on inspiration.

If you are going camping with kids, we recommend that you consider the following five activities, and pack accordingly, so everyone can have an amazing time while embracing nature.

  1. Scavenger Hunt You don’t need much to organize an outdoor scavenger hunt. A bag, a few copies of a printed item list, and pens for marking things off as they are found.  You can be very precise with your scavenger list with items like ‘pinecone’ and ‘green leaf”, or you can use adjectives to allow the kids to approach it in a different manner. If you want to do the latter, consider a list including items like, “something soft” and “something brown”.
  2. Target Practice (Squirt Gun Style) Empty bottles and cans are generally easy to come by. Bring along the squirt guns and you can provide hours of entertainment.  Shooters can go one at a time, or head-to-head, trying to knock down one can at a time until all have been cleared.
  3. Painting Rock Buddies Painting rocks sounds so mundane, but kids love it, and so do many adults. It is cathartic in a way, and the end result can be taken home with you.  Be sure to use eco-friendly paint, please.
  4. Water Balloon Baseball On a hot day, you can’t beat water balloons. Bring along a pool noodle and you have the makings of a new sporting event.  Pitch the balloon and tell the “batter” to prepare the noodle.
  5. Gold Prospecting The best part about camping at Roaring Camp Gold is that the entertainment is built in. Kids love the adventure of hunting for gold, so bring your boots and your buckets, and prepare for a day of fun for all ages.