Camping is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy some time away from home, and get back to nature.  However, it does require a bit of preparation and packing.  If you are trying to keep your travels to a tight budget, then you may want to consider what the local dollar store has to offer.  We have found that there are several camping essentials that can be purchased for as little as one dollar.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry Obviously, you will want to bring some food along on the trip, and you will need to bring along dishes on which you can serve it.  Rather than buying paper products that must be thrown away and created unnecessary waste, consider the very inexpensive options at your local dollar store.  There you will likely find thermoses, cups, plates, silverware, serving spoons, ladles, and even salad tongs.

Time to Set Up Camp Before you can eat, however, you will need to set up camp.  For some that just means pulling in and hooking up to the water and electric.  For others, it means building a tent and creating a sleeping space.  At the dollar store, you aren’t obviously going to find the tent, but you may find a foot pump for the air mattress, tarps to add another layer of insulation beneath the tent, duct tape for repairing rips, rope for tying down, and plastic table clothes to be thrown over the provided picnic tables.

Store it For Later Use You’ll also find that you need storage devices when camping, whether it is for leftover food or for packing your hygiene essentials.  You can find what you need at most dollar stores, including plastic baggies, food storage containers, travel size bottles for shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and, of course, toothbrush caps.

Pack Light When you want to stay up later than the sun, you’ll be happy to find that you can purchase lamps, lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps at the dollar store, as well.  Just don’t forget the batteries (you can usually find them in a nearby aisle).

Warm and Cozy It’ll provide added light, of course, but you’ll probably want the fire because of the added warmth.  So, while you are at the dollar store, pick up some fire starter bricks, marshmallows, skewers, and matches.