Camping is a lot of fun, especially when combined with the excitement of prospecting for gold.  However, it can also involve a lot of physical activity – hiking, digging, panning, biking, kayaking, swimming, and more – which means that you will undoubtedly build up a ferocious appetite.  So, be sure that you are ready with some great camping food.

There are several things that can make cooking your camp food easier.  Aluminum foil, a knife, cooking and serving utensils, a platter, mixing bowl, cast iron pan, and a campfire grate.  The latter, which is sometimes called a campfire grill, is a wonderful tool to have at the campground, assuming that you have the space when packing.  It can turn your typical campfire into a full-functioning grill.  With these few things you can really put together some terrific food.

Breakfast Your cast iron pan will be quite handy at breakfast time.  Scramble some eggs in your mixing bowl.  Dice a couple of potatoes and start them cooking in some butter in your pan.  Add whatever vegetables you like – peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, etc – keeping in mind that some will cook faster than others.  When the potatoes and veggies are tender, pour in your scrambled eggs, stir and cook until eggs are almost done.  Sprinkle in some shredded cheese and fold into the eggs.  Remove from the fire.  Serve the combination on a plate or in a pita pocket.

Lunch Relive your childhood with a grilled cheese sandwich or two made in your cast iron pan, but be sure to dress them up.  Add meat, tomatoes, spinach, or a mixture of your favorite cheeses to create a truly appetizing sandwich.

Dinner Skewer some of those veggies left over from breakfast along with marinated chunks of beef or chicken.  Cook these on your campfire grill.  Remove the tasty food from the skewers and serve on buttered bread or a sub roll.