For many, now is the time to start scheduling the camping trips for the summer and fall seasons.  So, if you are preparing your list of items needed to get you through your summer camping fun, then we suggest that you consider these hacks to make your trips fun, comfortable, and safe.

Add Herbs to Your Fire to Keep Bugs at Bay There are several herbs that you can grow in small ceramic pots or in your backyard garden, which will naturally repel insects.  Bring a few along and add them to your campfire, to keep your campsite free of the pests.

Jiffy Pop over the Fire Keep it a safe distance from the flames, but you can use the aluminum foil popping pans right over the campfire or over the campsite grills, so you can have a low-calorie snack in the evening.

Use Pool Noodles to Pad Awning Braces If you have an RV, and have banged your head or arm on one of the awning poles before, then you completely understand the brilliance of this suggestion.

Use Fritos or Doritos to Start Your Fire The oily chips burn beautifully, and slowly, which means that you will be able to get that fire started in a jiffy.

Use Deodorant to Treat Mosquito Bites The underarm deodorant that you use every morning likely contains something called aluminum chloride, which is a very effective treatment for bug bites.  It can help reduce swelling and to quell the itch.  

Store Matches in a Plastic Food Container It will keep them dry.  Glue a piece of sandpaper to the top for quick lighting.

Use Daily Pill Sorters to Store Most Needed Medications Glue labels to the top of the pill sorter so that each section has an assigned type of medication – aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol, Antacid, etc.

Freeze Water in Gallon Jugs It will keep your foods cold on the way to the campsite, and provide clean drinking water while you enjoy nature.

Charcoal Briquettes in a Cardboard Egg Carton This makes lighting the camp grill much simpler.  Just light the egg crate and it will ensure that the coals start to burn as well.

Use Cooling Racks in the Your Cooler to Keep Dry Food above Ice Hate soggy boxes and baggies in your cooler?  Avoid the mess by propping cooling racks on top of the bags of ice.  This will give you a shelf on which you can store the foods that you don’t want to get wet.