Strap on your hiking pack and hop on your motorcycle.

This might not be the classic idea of camping, but it is certainly one that is gaining steam in recent years.  A love of adventure and the feeling of freedom that comes with long distance biking would pair well with the love of the outdoors and the desire to break away from convention, which one gets with camping.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of space to store the gold nuggets found while camping at Roaring Camp Gold, so the motorcycle should be a perfect fit.

Truly, camping with a motorcycle, unless you are pulling that bike into the tow-along trailer behind your RV, does require a great deal of forethought.  You don’t have a lot of space for packing when traveling via motorcycle, and you don’t want to weight yourself down too much either, so even the backpack must be packed with care.

Make the most of your side saddles and other storage compartments on your bike. There are several camping kits that are designed to fit many of the camping essentials in the most compact cases.  These can including eating utensils, shaving and grooming necessities, a towel, knife, and more, but they will often all be stashed in a tiny, light weight case not much bigger than your cellphone.

Bring only the minimum amount of clothing necessary for your trip and consider rolling rather than folding and pack them in a light weight, malleable bag.  Better yet, stack your clothes, flat, in your sleeping bag, and roll them all up together.

Choose your tent wisely.  Many tents can fold up to very tiny dimensions, these days, yet can still provide the very best protection from the elements, when in use.  So, do your homework before you purchase one for your motorcycle adventure.

Plan to skewer your food, instead of cooking in a pan.  Packing a frying pan and serving utensils on a motorcycle might be tough, but skewers take very little room and can be quite versatile over the fire.  If you are set on having a stove, though, consider a backpacking stove, which is extremely small and portable.