The international news made significant mention of Chinese investors seeking gold mines recently.  There have many acquisitions and attempted acquisitions, as these buyers realize the potential of those mines.

Gold prices have increased by a large margin – more than 15% — recently, but they are still lower than they have been in the past, and many are predicting that the prices will continue to rise, which makes now a great time to invest in gold.  The Chinese gold investors understand that now is a great time to spend, because it will mean earning more in the near future.  It certainly helps that China leads the way in gold consumption.  In fact, the country accounts for the sale of approximately 1,000 tons annually, and the demand continues to rise, up almost four percent in a single year, between 2014 and 2015.  Their gold demand accounts for approximately 30 percent of the world demand. The buying of gold mines could bring the profits of those sales within the Chinese borders.

Of course, the majority of us don’t have the funds to buy a gold mine, but we can certainly understand the underlying message here.  For those who desire gold or the profits that can be made from it, now is the time to act.  For some, that means buying mines, for others it means investing in pieces of gold, and for those of us who enjoy the thrill of the hunt, it means ramping up our prospecting efforts.  This might be looked at the modern day gold rush.

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