Gold prospecting has intrigued and excited mankind for a long time.  It is that desire to strike it rich that led to massive gold rushes in the past, and the same wish for riches is pushing people into the hobby again.

We enjoy teaching people the art of gold panning and prospecting at Roaring Camp Gold.  The combination of that experience and the more common act of camping has proven very enriching for those who pass through our grounds each year.

Many people know a thing or two about panning for gold.  Finding flakes, dust, and maybe even the occasional nugget within the waters of creeks and streams is wonderfully exciting. However, where there are large deposits of gold in the water, there may also be gold found beneath the soil.

This is the theory that has proven worthwhile for prospectors in this country.  Of course, digging near the stream’s bank doesn’t guarantee a big find.  Even the most experienced prospectors admit that there is a bit of luck that must come along with the expertise to make gold prospecting a successful pastime.

You may dig a dozen holes before finding gold in a spot very nearby.  Try panning in multiple areas of a stream before finding one that pays off.  Some will search for gold for years, accumulating only a couple of grams’ worth of shimmering metal.  Others will happen upon a large deposit after only the shortest period of time.  There is some skill that goes into it – knowing where to look, and how to extract it.  But, there truly is the matter of luck to consider.

So, if you are feeling lucky, if you are ready to dig, to walk the waters, and to get a bit dirty, perhaps this really is the year to plan your trip to Roaring Camp Gold.  Because, hey, you can never tell when the trip will pan out.