Though we are certain that you will fall head over heels for gold prospecting and won’t want to leave your preferred digging spot, we do understand that some of the campers who come to Roaring Camp Gold also want to explore the area around the campground.

For those individuals, we have a couple of recommendations of places to see, right here in Pine Grove, California.  Trip Advisor does suggest that Roaring Camp Gold is the #1 place to see in Pine Grove, and we agree, but there are a couple of other notable spots that your family will appreciate.

Indian Grinding Rock State Park Just a short distance from the gold prospecting streams of Roaring Camp Gold, is this beautiful historic park.  It costs just eight dollars per vehicle to enter the park, and you are certain to find some beautiful hiking trails upon entering.  This was once the grounds hunted and foraged by early Native American tribes.  People come for the history and for the rocks, which are simply amazing examples of marbleized limestone.  The park boasts the largest selection of bedrock mortars – areas where a native tribe came together to grind the grains that would feed their families.

Black Chasm Cavern Deep beneath the earth’s surface exists a beauty that is unmatched.  This national landmark showcases the beauty that Mother Nature keeps hidden from mankind.  The rock formations within the cave are simply spectacular and worth a visit.  The walking tour of the caves takes a little less than an hour, so it won’t take a lot of your time away from gold prospecting.  You can enjoy the caves a learn a little about what takes place beneath the ground that we walk on.

So, after you have unearthed the gold that you came in search of, you may just want to wander around Pine Grove, because there is a lot of beauty to behold in our little paradise.