If you thought camping season was over, think again.  Autumn is one of the best times to visit campgrounds for numerous reasons.  It is also a wonderful time to try your hand at gold panning.  Consider the following advantages of taking your camp trip in the fall.

The Weather  While the warm weather of summer is nice for swimming parties and trips to the lake, those hot days can make it uncomfortable for those wanting to dig and pan for gold.  It is much more enjoyable to do so in the cooler weather of fall.  And, at the end of the day, when you have a vial of gold in your possession, you can sit by the campfire, enjoying a warm beverage and food cooked on open flames.

Fewer Insects Are you a person who hates the insects of summer?  Can’t stand flies hovering by your face and ears?  Then, you might be better suited for autumn camping and gold panning.  This time of year, the number of insects will drop off, as they seek warmer temperatures.  That means that you can enjoy hours panning, and your evening hours at the campsite without fear of being overly pestered.

Better Sleeping Most of our campers suggest that they sleep better in a tent or cabin when temperatures are cooler.  It’s normal for people to have difficulty sleeping when too warm.  The cool temperatures mean that you can be wrapped in a comfy blanket and dozing in minutes.  Plus, the sounds of nature can be very peaceful, easing stress from your life.

Smaller Crowds Particularly when it comes to the gold panning, it is nice to have smaller crowds of people.  That means that you aren’t fighting for the areas with the best gold deposits, and you have more room to move about as you dig and pan.  Autumn definitely sees fewer campers than the busy vacation season, but those who do venture out tend to report an even better experience.