Though the travel and the camping will create lasting memories, it is the gold panning that brings you to Roaring Camp Gold.  So, of course, we want to see you succeed in your efforts to find the shiny substance within our banks and streams.  Therefore, we offer these three pieces of advice, which could save you from making one of the most common gold panning mistakes.

Come Prepared

Roaring Camp Gold can help you get outfitted for your gold panning adventure, but there are certain tools that you will need, whether you get them here or bring them with you.  Included on this list are the prospecting pan, a strainer, vials or other containers to hold gold, tweezers, waterproof boots, and a bucket.  In addition to these necessary items, we also suggest that you consider a small folding chair, insect repellent, drinks, and snacks to keep everyone comfortable.

Don’t Be Unrealistic

While anyone can make an unexpected discovery, this is not a ‘get rich quick’ activity and even those who have been at it for a long time must work hard for the gold that they unearth.  That being said, you should come to Roaring Camp Gold expecting to find some gold.  It just isn’t likely to be enough to pay off your mortgage.

Work Carefully

We cannot even begin to count the number of times people have lost gold to the water around them because they were too harsh with their panning efforts.  Though it is a sort of physical labor, panning does require a certain level of delicacy. That is unless you were only hoping to see gold float away, with no intention of holding on to it.

We do have professionals ready to offer advice and even a bit of assistance to those who want to learn the art of gold panning, so bring your gear and get ready for an adventure.