Over the past couple of weeks, millions of people have been discussing what they would do if they were suddenly made millionaires (or even billionaires!) by the Powerball lottery.  Of course, the chances are miniscule, but there is still a chance, and that is why we all went out and bought a ticket despite being told that we have a better chance of being struck by an asteroid.

So, now that the billion dollar prize has been handed out to others, we can only mourn the loss of something that we never really had… OR we can keep the dream alive.

There are other ways to get rich, aside from winning the lottery.  Hard work, over a number of years, with a little luck along the way, is one method.  Another option is to try your hand at gold prospecting.

There is a reason why the Gold Rush was such a momentous occasion in this country, long before it was the country that we know it as today.  Just as we just got excited about the prospect of winning a billion dollar lottery, the people of the time heard stories of people getting rich in the west, thanks to large deposits of gold.  They hurried to the Wild West to take the chance (which many would argue is a bit different than stopping in the local gas station to buy a piece of paper with numbers on it!).

The Gold Rush might have come to an end, but the opportunity to find gold of your own has not.  There are still gold deposits here, in California, and with a bit of digging, panning, and a touch of luck, you might just find the riches that you were yearning for throughout the past couple of weeks.  Even better is the fact that, even if you don’t find the gold that you seek, you get to enjoy a few days in the great outdoors, around the campfire, with friends or family at Roaring Camp Gold.