It only makes sense that we would see a lot of RVs and campers at Roaring Camp Gold.  Over time, we have come to recognize some of the most often overlooked accessories related to camping in style.

Sanitary Needs When asked why they love camping in an RV, a large percentage of people will site the bathroom as one of their top three most-loved amenities.  So, you can imagine the frustration when one arrives at the campground and realizes that he or she can’t use the toilet. In order to hook up to the sewer, you must have a sewer hose.   You will also want a water hose to clean the tank.

Camper Maintenance Another big aggravation for new camper owners is the realization that they don’t have the tools that they need to fix common problems.  For instance, tire gauges are very helpful when it appears that a tire may be low on air, and a hydraulic jack makes leveling a camper a much simpler task, as does a bubble level.  It is wise to have a tool set on hand.

Kitchen Essentials This is a big one.  Whether camping in a tent or living in luxury in an RV with slide-outs, it is very handy to have cookware, plates, utensils, a dishcloth, dish soap, and a trash can on hand.  Other items that people appreciate having on hand include coffee makers, Ziploc bags, plastic containers for saving leftovers, and skewers for roasting over the fire.

There are many items that can make a camping trip a lot more enjoyable.  If you are new to camping, or will be pulling up in an RV for your first time, we recommend that you check out the camping checklist at Love The Outdoors.  They provide a very detailed, and itemized list of items that will, undoubtedly, make your next camping trip a huge success.