At Roaring Camp Gold, we offer lots of exciting activities to help round out your visit, but one of the most popular is fishing. We offer miles of river to fish for a variety of types including Rainbow Trout and Mountain Pike. If you’re new to the world of fishing, though, don’t be afraid! These tips can help you make it work.

  • Before you ever leave your home, familiarize yourself with a few of the basics. You’ll want to know how to bait your hook, cast your line, and tie good knots before you get out here. All of these basics are absolutely necessary before you ever begin casting a line into the water. They’ll keep you safe and interested in the sport.
  • Consider your attire. You want to be comfortable while you fish, and you need to be prepared to at least get your feet a bit wet. You’re going to be on the edge of the water the whole time you’re fishing, so some boots might help. Wearing layers out here, too, is essential because the weather can change fairly quickly, and you may not want to hike back to your cabin to grab something else to wear.
  • Bring food. You have to spend quite a bit of time to catch the perfect fish, so pack a picnic. That will allow you to stay out just a little bit longer before you have to head back to camp.

Not interested in fishing? Don’t worry. It’s far from the only activity we have available here. Take a look at a few of the other options we have, then book your trip today!