Though you come for the gold, the outdoor experience, and the chance to spend a few nights camping, you may just find that you leave with a whole lot more.  There are many things that could be discovered when digging and panning at Roaring Camp Gold.

Other Minerals and Gems Among the most common discoveries when panning for gold, other than the shiny metal, of course, are gemstones.  Where there is gold, there will often be other precious substances.  Gold prospectors have often reported finding veins of quartz, small sapphire beds, and other fine minerals.  The small gemstones are, at times, large enough to have cut, polished, and set in jewellery.

Unusual Rocks and Fossils Whenever searching through streams, rivers, and other water beds, there is the chance that you will unearth stones like you have never seen before.  For instance, stones that carry a picture of the past have often been found by gold prospectors.  These fossils, when decent specimen, can actually sell for decent sums on online auction sites, showcasing their historical value.

Wildlife Though you certainly don’t want to take your eyes away from the pan long enough to miss the telltale glimmer of gold, there is a whole world around you.  As you become immersed in nature, you are very likely to be joined by other creatures.  Many different varieties of fish, otters, raccoons, deer, eagles, rabbits, and many other species call this area home.

Love Sentimental, maybe, but we believe that the gold prospecting process is one that brings people together.  We’ve seen many relationships evolve on our property, whether it is the love between two adults, or between parent and child, there is simply something special about time spent working toward a shared goal.

Though the thought of uncovering large amount of gold is what brings you to Roaring Camp Gold, you may find that there is much more to be found on the river banks.