In California, as in other states of the country, there are laws in place regarding the fishing of rivers, lakes, oceans, and streams.  These laws are in place to protect the fish and other water species.  Therefore, anyone 16 years old or older must have a valid fishing license in order to attempt a catch in California waters.

There are different rules for residents of the state, versus those visiting from other locations.  A resident must have physical address within the State of California and must have been living within the borders of the state for six months of longer in order to receive the discounted license, which is currently listed at approximately $47.  Visitors can also get a fishing license for the state of California, but will pay more than 2.5x that amount.

So, for campers who wish to fish during their stay, and who are only visiting the state for the length of their camping trip, it is certainly worth looking into alternatives to the yearlong license.

There are one-day, two-day, and ten-day licenses available for non-residents of California.  They are prices at approximately $15, $23, and $47 respectively.  While this would certainly be a better option, but, if you time your stay correctly, you may even be able to fish for free.

Many states offer free fishing days during the year, which are meant to be an opportunity for beginners to try out fishing before buying a license.  During those free fishing days, anyone can fish on the California bodies of water.  This year, in this state, those days are scheduled for 7/2/16 and 9/3/16. So, if you would like to cast a lure or two while on your visit to Roaring Camp Gold, you may want to consider planning your camping trip for early July or early September, so you can catch for free.