A phone call from a friend in the Northeast was a reminder of how fortunate we are at Roaring Camp Gold.  In the forecast for the week, there were indications of probable snow fall for the New Yorker. Snow in October?

If you are a native to the colder regions of the country, then this likely doesn’t sound all that surprising.  It is our understanding that there are plenty of Trick-or-Treaters in this great nation who will cover their costumes with down-filled coats and cable knit hats every Halloween.

We just have to wonder how these hardy souls can withstand so many months of bitter temperatures and living under blankets of snow and ice.  However, we do have a solution for those who are already missing the warmer temperatures of the too-short summer.

Come join us at Roaring Camp Gold!  Not only is there a chance that you will find gold that can be sold to help pay for those heating bills, you can escape those first flakes flying in the air.

Seated in Pine Grove, California, not far from downtown Sacramento, this campground will be alive and active throughout the year.  The ten day forecast shows very little chance of precipitation and 0% chance of snow.  In fact, we expect that our daytime highs will still be soring into the seventies and eighties for another month or so.

Instead of bundling up in your parka and Muk Luks this Halloween, in order to take the kids door to door, perhaps you’d rather reserve a camping site at Roaring Camp Gold, where you and the kids can pan for gold, play on the playground, take a shot at miniature gold, and enjoy a campfire in the evening, with only a slight chance of needing a sweatshirt to keep you warm.