Camping season hasn’t yet come to an end.  There is still time to treat your grandkids to an adventure they will never forget.  If you need any further inspiration to get out and explore nature with the youngsters in your life, then consider these advantageous to be gained at Roaring Camp Gold.

  1. You Need Time With Them You want your grandkids to treasure their memories with you. You want to be remembered and adored as they grow up and create their own lives, form their own believes.  In order to ensure that that happens, you have to have time with them.  What better way to create a special memory than doing something that you can all enjoy?  Camping is a great way to enjoy a weekend together, a weekend that will be remembered for years to come.
  2. Their Parents Need Adult-Only Time Not only do you need time with your grandkids, your child needs time with his or her significant other. That adult time is precious to a relationship.  It allows a couple to rekindle the flame that brought them together in the first place.  You will be doing special for yourself, for your grandkids, and for their parents.
  3. Finding Gold is Something They Will Never Forget We’ve mentioned how wonderful camping can be for kids. Add to that the possibility of finding gold nuggets and you have creating something amazing.  The first discovery will sell them on this activity.  They will be begging you to bring them back.  After all, there is something wonderful about believing that there is a real possibility of discovering a fortune.
  4. It is the Perfect Place to Start a Tradition As we mentioned above, they will likely ask to come again, and this can become your annual tradition. Having something planned for each year to come means that you are guaranteed time with those who you so adore.
  5. Teach Them Worthwhile Skills When looking up things to do with grandkids, you will likely discover that the majority of the activities offer little in the area of learning, unless of course it is a museum, which will likely leave them underwhelmed. Digging for gold provides them a goal, a sense of accomplishment, and the opportunity to gain useful knowledge.
  6. Get Them Away From Their Technology Perhaps the biggest selling point is that camping and gold prospecting requires no smartphone, tablet, or other such device. It is a great opportunity to get the kids away from the technology that they are otherwise addicted to.