If you have been hesitating to schedule your trip at Roaring Camp Gold for the camping season, we have one more reason for you to do so right away.  Of course, there is the adventure of it, the learning of a new skill, the time for family bonding, the evenings around the campfire, and the opportunity to get away from the stresses of the world.  However, if all of that is not enough to entice you, perhaps we should point out the reports from the largest media sources in the world, which highlight the fact that gold prices have been on the rise recently, and that, should they continue on this path, they will have seen the greatest quarterly gain in more than thirty years.

If you want to take advantage of high gold prices, you need gold to sell and that is exactly why you should be scheduling your trip to Roaring Camp Gold.  You never know what you will discover while you try your hand at panning at our facilities, but you can be certain that you will gain a lot of knowledge about the gold prospecting process, and that means that you can continue to add to your gold collection, even after you leave the campground.

Gold prices are not likely to fall any time soon.  Investors are seeking out the commodity, as it is seen as a safe investment avenue, when many others are falling flat.  Stocks, bonds, equities and other common investments are suffering from instable economies, uncertain inflation- and interest rates, and fear of default.  Gold, which rose 0.8% in a single day, to more than $1200 per ounce, is giving them a better place to put their money.  Now you can make money, thanks to their interest in investing.  It is a great time to relive the great parts of the gold rush, without the life-threatening trip to the west.