At Roaring Camp Gold, we welcome guests of all ages, and find that regardless of the number of birthdays celebrate, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  But, we do understand the concern of parents, especially those with young children.  A short attention span can be a problem when it comes to doing many activities with kids, but we have found that most children really enjoy gold prospecting.

This is true at nearly any age, because there is a level of intrigue involved that will capture even the youngest minds.  Though kids aren’t likely to dig out large nuggets of gold, they can certainly discover their own treasure at Roaring Camp Gold.  Under the right circumstances, gold panning can be a very safe, very entertaining adventure for kids.  It is important to choose a location that is convenient for the whole family, and that is why we try to provide the best possible information about our grounds to our guests.  It’s not going to do to have kids by large cliffs or on the banks of fast moving water, so we will attempt to point you to promising locations that also involve less risk for children.

Once you have selected the location, you must address the problem of attention span.  If you hope to keep them involved for more than half an hour, you are going to have to give them something to be excited about.  Ensure that they are taking part in the panning action, and celebrate all discoveries.  Even if you don’t find gold right away, you will likely happen upon gemstones.  These, too, can be very exciting for young explorer.  Give them a clear container to collect these treasures in, and watch the excitement grow with each new find.

Keep in mind that there are various tasks that can be performed during the process.  Carrying the gear, digging, panning, and collection.  Even if the child becomes bored with one aspect of the journey, there will certainly be others to explore.  Even, for instance, if you don’t need to do much digging, giving the child a shovel and permission to dig in an area close by can provide entertainment.  Once your child finds a gold nugget, though, he or she will be entirely sold on the process.